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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New York Could Learn From New Hampshire

Public Censure With Mandatory Diversion Summary
The New Hampshire Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office  -  August 25, 2008

The New Hampshire Supreme Court Professional Conduct Committee deliberated the matter of Boehm, Lenora E. ad vs. Robin Marble #07-018, and issued a Public Censure with Mandatory Diversion on July 21, 2008.

 Ms. Boehm was retained by Robin Marble on or about August 22, 2006, to represent her in a divorce. Ms. Marble paid Ms. Boehm a $3,000 retainer on or about August 22, 2006. Ms. Boehm filed an appearance on or about September 7, 2006. Ms. Marble met with Ms. Boehm on October 23, 2006. Following that meeting, Ms. Marble made numerous phone calls to Ms. Boehm. Ms. Boehm did not return any of Ms. Marble’s telephone calls, or otherwise communicate directly with Ms. Marble. Ms. Boehm did not respond to Ms. Marble’s emails in January, 2007 through April, 2007. Ms. Boehm did not respond to Ms. Marble’s request for a full refund of her retainer, to her request for a refund of the balance of funds, or to a request for an itemized bill for legal services. On or about March 14, 2007, Ms. Marble retained subsequent counsel. Subsequent counsel filed an appearance on March 26, 2007. Ms. Boehm filed her withdrawal on or about the same time.

The Committee determined that the following findings are supported by clear and convincing evidence in the record, and accepts the Stipulation as to the facts that:

· Ms. Boehm negligently violated her obligations to communicate properly with her client.

· Ms. Boehm’s negligence caused her client to suffer needless anxiety.

The Committee found that there was clear and convincing evidence, and accepts the Stipulation as to the Rule violations that Lenora E. Boehm violated the following Rules of Professional Conduct: 1.4; 8.1(b), and 8.4(a).

Ms. Boehm was issued a Public Censure with Mandatory Diversion, and assessed all costs associated with the investigation and prosecution of this matter. The mandatory diversion component of the sanction requires Ms. Boehm to undergo an office management audit and comply with all recommendations of the auditor.

 This matter is public record, and available for inspection at the New Hampshire Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office, 4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102, Concord, New Hampshire 03301.

 August 25, 2008


Anonymous said...

The corrupt justice system has also screwed the lawyers don't forget. So much time is wasted that it's hard to get everything done so you fall behind. Everyone loses with a corrupt system of justice.

Anonymous said...

I made a similar complaint in NY, where the attorney refused to return the retainer in addition to not return calls or making any communications and the Grievance Committee wrote back that this was acceptable to them, even though the attorney did no work after receiving the retainer. NY will learn only when the media reports.

Anonymous said...

ok reporting about my suffolk county ny divorce. Filed in 2000. Hon. Judge William Kent. Suffolk Supreme Court Central Islip.
First attorney recommended by Tom Spota before he became dist. atty. Jim O'Rourke from Spota's law practice. Opposing attorney was William H.Sweeney Hauppauge NY.
at that time. I had no clue that my husband was descretely involved with the entire county in financial crimes.
I lost everything was verbally abused to the point of tears by the Honorable Judge Kent numerous times.
Later on I found out about the fraud on my own.When I bought a home by myself in 2002. I found my exs handwriting on my deed & mortgage papers. All of them. Aprox 10 of them. He signed my name. I signed none.
Began to cross ref. the judges attorneys etc. That I went before. All of them had many sub prime mortgages. All had satisfactions that coincided with my court dates. It was then that I discovered the judges were allowing my ex Mike Figat. To answer and file all of my court filings. His handwriting on Family Coirt Orders, Deeds, mortgages, Signed for Judge Kent,McNulty, Rodriguez, Molia,Wilmott. Same with the lawyers, cops.
Somebody get me in contact with 60 minutes. I know the whole truth.Documents too.

wade henry said...

This headline that NY could learn from NH is sick, you may want to wake up and smeel the stink you are all eating if you entertain such hypocrisy. The judiciary in nh is controled by the executive agenda to build the worst kind of collusion and liars possible,you want some representation, dont pusy foot around get the facts,or get the hell of the internet and stick to drinking your koolaid 603-965-4067 things are not how they appear in good ol NH

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